Dr. Denton Has closed his office at :

2038 Vermont Drive, Suite 207,  Fort Collins, CO 80525

 telephone number:  720-454-2490

 Dr. Denton has elected to retire from active practice at this time, and will be  teaching the Webinars of his latest practice & research techniques. 

Due to the ongoing situations with the various social media. ETC... we are rescheduling this

New simplified teaching /  Vector Point 1  hosted Webinar until  

March  10, 2021

at approximately 12:00 pm Central time

  VP 2 - three weeks later- 3/31/21 

       Fees:  VP1.........$349.  (3 hours) Book included

                                           VP2.........$  75.   (3 hours) Book include

                                                            (if purchased at same time as VP1)

                                Charts available for purchase- only with VP1 & 2

price coming soon

you can call  720-454-2490 ( for Serene) 10:30-4 central time

                                     email: [email protected]                                      We have changed to format to be 24/7 access so you can choose when you want to watch   the 3 hour Vector Point presentation.  You will have a Landing Page where you will pay for the items you want, and then get immediate access codes. We will let you know when this is ready.

Those who take the seminars will have special access to Dr Denton for questions.

We are working on this format, & there is a lot of learning hearing others  questions.

Dr. David G. Denton


Board Certified Fellow and Diplomat in Cranial Therapy

PAIN is successfully handled when the stability is restored to

cranial/sacral mechanisms (effects brain & spinal cord).

The body's inherent capacity to re-establish health is then empowered.

We have Routinely Treated

 the Following Conditions:

     ▪ Back Pain

     ▪ Headaches/Migraines

     ▪ Chronic and Acute Pain

     ▪ TMJ (Jaw & Bite balancing)

     ▪ Whiplash/Neck Pain

     ▪ Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

     ▪ Tennis Elbow (Tendonitis)

     ▪ Shoulder/Arm & Wrist pain

     ▪ Disk Problems

     ▪ Hip, Knee, Leg & Ankle Pain

     ▪ Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

     ▪ Preventative Health & Wellness

▪ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

▪ Pinched Nerves & Sciatica

▪ Muscle Spasms & Soreness

▪ Scoliosis

▪ Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue

▪ Numbness & Tingling

▪ Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

▪ Allergies

▪ Heavy Metal Detox

▪ Environmental Sensitivity

▪ Stress/Emotional Patterns

▪ Dietary & Non-Gluten needs

      We Use Force and Non-force Techniques (see Techniques Page)

Dr. Denton is the Founder and Developer of: VECTOR POINT CRANIAL THERAPY. 

He has taught doctors in the worldwide : DENTON SEMINARS

Because of the need and importance of non-force applications to areas unable to receive force treatment, people have responded to the safety of this system. He discovered that by using the Cranial Vector Points which he found on the head (like a computer keyboard, at the cranial sutures), one can specifically treat any corresponding designated area of the body—instantly. This addresses the dominant reflexes in the cranium that initiate subluxations (misalignments). This provides a safe and effective alternative to the usual (adjusting) manipulation.


   We look forward to assisting you in your return to wellness!